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I am happy to talk to anyone who is thinking of going to the clinic, as it was the best thing we did

From my initial talks with magda, she took lots of time to talk through our previous ivf cycles and outcomes, medical history etc. I felt confident very early on that Magda would be able to help us alongside the Dr and the nurses. I had 2 ivf cycles in the UK, 4 Transfers in total with 3 miscarriages and 1 negative. We had lost all hope with the Uk clinics and they kept saying “it’s bad luck”, let’s just try again. I always had to fight in UK for extra support like better progesterone support and Magda was happy to hear what I wanted and also always had suggested about protocols and medications to use. And it was always backed back up with results from previous patients and positive outcomes that the hospital had. We flew to Cyprus for a fresh round in January and everything like helping with the every changing covid rules, Magda was always there to keep me updated and make sure I had done all the documents before we flew. The clinic was clean and I felt comfortable there. The nurses and Drs were very friendly. Magda was always on hand to answer any questions and I always felt like I could text her or call her anytime. She was always so quick to reply to me. Having had 3 miscarriages, I was very scared to go through treatment again. The clinic have supported me with injections and tablets to support the embryos. We had a freeze all cycle as I collected a lot of eggs. So we went back in April for a FET. Magda stayed in touch with me throughout. On official test day we got a big positive! We have had a scan today and have seen our first ever heartbeat! We transferred two embryos to increase our chances, but sadly one had stopped growing and no Fetol pole was seen. We are a little scared because of our history but we have never seen a heartbeat and we are so happy 💗 thank you so much Magda and the team. We are forever greatful and Magda is a great co-ordinator. I am happy to talk to anyone who is thinking of going with the clinic, as it was the best thing we did, and I honestly believe we wouldn’t be in this position if we stayed in Uk. Thanks again Magda and you’re the best 😍🥳🤩


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December 2023
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