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About Pearl Fertility - Your trusted clinic

About Pearl Fertility - Your Trusted Fertility clinic
About Us


Your trusted fertility clinic – Our team cooperates with the best doctors in Cyprus to help you get the best treatment for infertility. We provide a wide range of treatments and additional techniques that increase not only the treatment success rates but also the comfort of our patients. Our world-class team of doctors and nurses has walked with thousands of patients through their fertility journey, helping them find answers, make informed decisions, and ultimately build the family they deserve.

Pearl Fertility is a result of years of hard work with many doctors in the fertility field. Our goal is to make sure the patient gets the best treatment and the proper treatment. We will walk each patient through each step and make him feel comfortable and in safe hands; when deciding to start your journey with Pearl Fertility, you can be sure that you will have the best IVF service under a professional team in Cyprus, at the lowest cost.
Our mission is to provide the best fertility experience in Cyprus. We combine the best professional medical team with a high level of personal care to ensure the patient feels supported and informed at every stage of the fertility journey in Cyprus.

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We are honored that you are allowing us to support you as you build your family. As your partner in this process, we will develop a personalized treatment plan with some of the several options available to you. Whether your circumstances are straightforward or complicated, we will help you through the course of a consultation, diagnostic evaluation, and treatment.
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Putting Patients First

We’ve helped thousands of people fulfill their dreams of starting a family. We are proud of ourselves and honored to provide the highest quality treatment to every patient. We ensure that each of our patients receives the warmest welcome and support, from when our patients first contact us to when they arrive in Cyprus for IVF treatment to when their treatment finishes with live birth. Our patients have recognized us for giving exceptional support and care.

Friendly & Expert Team

Our team comprises some of the most respected, exceptional fertility specialists in Cyprus, backed by the finest embryologists, geneticists, nurses, and coordinators. ​

Personalized Patient Care & Support

Our team will personalize your treatment according to your goals, values, circumstances, and medical history. We will never leave you without an answer and walk you through the journey. Each patient has a different and personalized treatment.

Strong Support through out the journey

Our Cyprus team will share tips on how you and your partner can get through your IVF cycle. We have helped many people to conceive. We’ve supported thousands of couples through the emotional highs and lows of trying to conceive.

Latest IVF Technologies

We offer the latest IVF technologies in a comfortable, compassionate environment. ​

High Success Rates

If you’re trying to start a family, you’re at the right place. Our success rates are among the best in Cyprus. The chances of intended parents giving a live birth from the first trial are very high. We are proud of our success rates. Our doctors do not turn away complex cases to increase IVF success rates. Many patients who have had unsuccessful treatments with other doctors come to us.

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