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Tandem Cycle

Tandem Cycle

Tandem cycle allows you to undergo IVF treatment using your eggs as well as having a backup egg donor

A Tandem cycle is recommended when the women have a low ovarian reserve or when women have had several failed IVF trials. The Tandem cycle allows the woman to undergo an IVF cycle using her eggs and a backup egg donor. Most of the women that turn into a tandem cycle are not ready to move to the egg donation cycle but have had several failed cycle and realize that the success rate of using their eggs are shallow.

When is a Sperm Donor recommended?

We differentiate between two types of donors:
  • A personal donor; is a family member or a good friend.
  • A clinic donor; is someone recruited by the clinic.

All clinic donors complete a non-identifying information (Non-ID) questionnaire that covers ethnicity, eye color, height, education, personality, the reason for donating, and much more. Our clinic screens donors for the most common diseases that can be sexually transmitted. Some genetics tests are done to screen for inherited conditions, such as Cystic Fibrosis. A karyotype genetic test is also done. Screening aims to reduce risks to the child and mother.

​Donor eggs are used fresh to lower the potential damage from freezing and thawing. Using Fresh donor eggs will also increase the fertilization rate. As the chance of pregnancy falls with a woman’s age and the possibility of fetal abnormality increases, we have set an age range of 20-26 for clinic-recruited egg donors.

The process of tandem cycle is similar to ICSI treatment. The menstruation cycle of the patient and the donor will be synchronized so the used donor eggs can be fresh. You will be using stimulation hormones along with the donor.

The needed amount to stay in Cyprus for IVF Treatment:

The first option; is 20 days: The patient can come for the entire treatment process and stay in Cyprus. The patient must come to Cyprus on the first or second day of the menstruation cycle. The patient will have all the medications and ultrasound scan monitors at the clinic. 

 The second option; is 10 days: The patient will be able to start the treatment in their home country. And come to Cyprus on day 10 of the menstruation cycle. The patient will need to be in Cyprus before administering the trigger injection. The patient will have a few ultrasound scan monitors in their home country, and we will help them. As for the medications, we work with many online pharmacies, and we will help the patients to order the drugs or send them by post from Cyprus. 

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for further information about tandem cycle treatment in Cyprus.
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